Yes. Clap to claps provides guest lecture classes by prominent persons from the film industry. Chances for students to make and build relationships with industry experts and to get in touch with the film industry as early.

An effective logline should be evocative. The content should include your main character and something to excite the reader. The reader would want to read the full script or the full piece of art by just reading the log line. That Is how a killer log line stealing attention.

Mainly three level of plans made available for students. That is, Silver, Gold, and Diamond. Plan silver will be a session for group of students via zoom. Plan gold will be direct live interactive session for group of students. Plan diamond will be personal, face to face session with a student.

Aesthetic education is the approach of learning by engaging into the art. The goal of aesthetic education is to make the learning process easy and also it helps to develop a wider view of perspective, generating aesthetic sense and more space for creativity.

“The role of an actor is just to obey the director” says the founder Balachanddra menon

There is a chance for students who shows extraordinary talents and get the recognition from the master, he/she would get a chance to become part of a Balachandra Menon film.

The course clap to claps provides will cover all areas of film making, direction, acting, script writing, cinematography, etc.