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Clap to claps opens the best place to kick start a career in the global film industry. We are making a career in filmmaking more simple for the people who aspire to become a part of the world cinema. Learn the aesthetics of filmmaking, that’s all you need to make a successful career in filmmaking. Over 4 decades of his experience in the film industry, contributed to more than nine categories in the film field, actor director writer in most of his films, a man who came without any assistance but built an empire in Malayalam cinema, only because of his strong passion for cinema. His experience and guidance will help you start an astonishing career in the film field. The mission of our motive is to mould a student capable to become independent and do all related works in filmmaking on his own. Step up your journey to the cinema with clap to claps.

Program discipline

There is no life without films, if not, you will not know what is life. Explore your interest and live your career with your passion.


In the process of filmmaking, the director is the captain of the whole thing. He sacrifices the whole night to think how to take a beautiful shot in the next day. However, the other parties, other than the director, directly or indirectly might have try to ruin his efforts. Success lies in facing the situation. Also, the art of direction is understanding the cultural and emotional depths to create the right evocation of drama.


Acting is not living the character. The only thing that really logical in acting is how to entre a character, which depends on various factors. Observation is the primary key. For the people who would not be able to observe in a deeper level, would lose the aura in front of the camera, they cannot make anything worthwhile. Therefore, that is what we are conditioning here, how to be in front of the camera.


The biggest, can’t cheatable camera is human eye. Cinematography is an art of cheating. When we do a shoot in the sake of a camera, there is technology for turning the day to dusk and night light to sunny dawn. In cinematography, there is abundant space for exploring creativity, where you can make ugly people look beautiful, tall persons look shorter, and so on. This magic of creativity, is what you will get to learn here.

Screenplay Writing

The fundamental foundation of a film is its script. The idea that writer concedes will not be totally transferred in full bloom to the film. So many certain and uncertain factors might exist to dampen the process. Putting everything together into a film format with respect to a writer’s imagination is riskier. What ideal is committed writing. In this sense, the writer should have the idea in his mind in advance of writing the script.

The virtuoso

About Balachandra Menon

The person who breathed upon his passion and made cinema a reality. The miraculous story of the great Balachandra Menon and the footprint he marked on world film History. Bullet holes are not fearful if we have a stimulating passion. A student who was academically brilliant and scored highest in academics had left everything for his dream to become a film director. Now he has directed, written, and acted in over 100 plus films, published 12 books, and composed 12+ songs for different films. He is the ace director and the definition of a complete self-made successful artist. Menon has more than four decades of experience in cinema. His involvement in different departments of cinema includes, story, script, dialogue, direction, music, production, distribution, acting, and editing. He is into production and distribution and also a publisher. He owns V&V banner, the company has only produced ordinary films, and had a production company ‘Safe’ and also V&V publishing house published most of his books. He is in almost nine departments of film for his national award winning film, Samantharangal, wherein he has got the Best Actor and the best feature film on family welfare awards. Apart from filmmaking, he is basically an agriculturist, also the author of twelve books. Menon is one of the rare people who has achieved Padmashri and karshakasree together. Honorable achiever of LIMCA book of world records for the position ‘Filmmaker who is credited as an actor, director, and writer in the most number of feature films in the world’. In 1978, Balachandra Menon has made his debut in the Malayalam film industry with the film ‘Uthrada rathri’.


“I asked him for a flower, but he gave me a garden”!

-Balachandra Menon

Singer & Music director

Did you know the master decided to become a film director at the age of fourteen!

Does it sound amazing when you realize the master of filmmaking Mr. Balachandra Menon decided his career aim at the age of fourteen! The dream has rooted in his mind from a very young age. An incident that lead to self-realization.

Let's Win Your Award

Making award winning film or being an award winning actor is not easy as we think it’s possible. Awards are made for extraordinary people, it needs extra skills and expertise, extra knowledge and expert guidance. Winning awards are not easy, but if you know the right strategies and skillset to showcase excellence, awards and recognitions will come to you. The secret strategies cannot learn from books; we might be capable of achieving more than what we think once we recognize our true potential. At least everyone should join to find their true potential. The secret behind success is passion, consistency, and quality. To acquire these three things, everybody needs experience to learn all the success secrets and it might take decades. Learn all the secrets straight from the master Balachandra Menon. His four decades of experience in film making. Why waste half a century to get the experience and to level up success? learn now! And start your career with blooming success.

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Technical knowledge based training from film school is outdated. The knowledge will not make you how to begin your career independently. Claps to claps provides, aesthetic learning for generating complete filmmaking skills. Learn the skills and knowledge from the real experience of a successful filmmaker.

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Moulding a student to become independent enough to start a winning career in film industry. Guiding them in every necessary step that takes to build their dreams. The complete guidance to build a refreshing career in the film industry.

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