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A brief history of the legend

Balachandra Menon

The magnificent man of film making, who came here a loner and showed the world that there is no one can break a person who is driven by passion. He decorated his four decades in film career with immeasurable awards and recognitions globally. Balachandra Menon, the ace director, actor, writer, musician, producer, distributer and so on.

                The thought has gone fathomless when the drama Bheeshma has started over on the stage of Kottarakkara town UPS. The first time the legend inside a boy felt uncomfortable to fit in a place when he was conscious about his capability. He couldn’t say anything cause his voice was not valued. The people looked for only opinions from a person who have power, or who is in a position where nobody has a power to instruct him. Menon was very enthusiastic and active from a very young age. When the world is worshipping actors, he was curious about the director and other faces behind the frame. His dream has been rooted since he was a boy.  He had written his first story ‘PARAMU’ at the age of fourteen. This was the base of his film ‘MANIYAN PILLA ADHAVA MANIYAN PILLA’ that he directed later on in his career. He says that the inspiration for artistic expression was obtained from thunderous applause he received from his college auditorium. He was the head of college debate team, assistant secretary of the college union, and a hero in the eyes of his college mates. He had been crowned for best actor, mono actor and singer of his college. He was also published a short story in the college magazine by name ‘Did you go for film Menon? ‘imagining himself as a film maker. During his journalism career, he was discovered as a gold medalist in reporting and was immediately offered valuable job position in the ‘Times Of India’. But Menon rejected that offer for his dream ‘cinema’.

                The journey has been surpassed over four graceful years. The Barriers he tackled being a fighter to get here is not been easy. There were no supporting hands nor he asked for it. The only thing he has been confident about was his talent and passion. Balachandra Menon was not from a film background. His family wasn’t supportive for his madness for cinema because he was so bright in academics. His father wanted him to become a doctor or an IAS officer. The path he travelled wasn’t paved of marble. Menon was struggled a lot to enter into this filmy world. Even when working as a journalist in Nana times, he was holding onto his one true dream and that is become a film director.

                In 1978 Balachandra Menon released his debut film ‘Uthrada Rathri’. Then he has been produced, directed and scripted for over 60 plus films. Acted on more than hundred plus films. Along the way he Proved his charm in singing and music composing. He composed, penned lyrics and sang for many of his movies. Apart from film directing, he has been directed several Malayalam television serials with some leading telecasting channels. The latest film that he released was Ennalum Sarath. The world record he holds explains the mastery that why Balachandra Menon is one in a billion. In 2018, he achieved ‘LIMCA BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS’ for directing, acting and scripting in most number of feature films in the world. Rajiv Ghandhi award for all around excellence in cinema, the title ‘PADMASRI’ confirmed by the govt. of India, film fare award for best actor in Malayalam, muthukulam award for the best screenplay, national award for the Best actor in India, National award for the director of best feature film on family welfare, State award for the Excellence in cinema, cinema Express Award for best direction, film fare award for best director in Malayalam, Kerala state award for the best story and many other awards and recognitions. Lately in 2022, the UAE government has been appreciated him by granting Golden Visa.

                 He is now opens his treasure of experience and knowledge exclusively through clap to claps for the people who aspiring to build a career in the film world. Inventing a new form of study by ‘Aesthetic Learning’. Spreading the magic of film making!